Mar 21

Disorganized College Students Put Tuition At Risk

Next to buying a home, college tuition is the largest expense most families will face. But your investment in college tuition could be at risk. Despite four years of hard work in high school and success in gaining admission to college, your child may be underperforming. And it might have nothing to do with academic skills.

In a recent national survey conducted by research firm Greenfield Online, 47 percent of college students said their high school did not prepare them with the organizational skills required to do well in college. What’s more, 87 percent of students say better time management and organization skills would help them get better grades.

Ironically, for a generation of students raised on computer technology, the survey also found almost half of college students still manage their tasks and schedules by hand writing on a personal calendar. Another 23 percent rely on memory to keep track of their many deadlines and assignments.

“Getting into college is only half the battle. Doing well in college prep courses in high school is not enough,” said David T. Conley, Ph.D., professor of education at the University of Oregon, and author of “College Knowledge: What It Really Takes for Students to Succeed and What We Can Do to Get Them Ready.” “Students need both academic skills and organizational skills to manage the many competing interests that college life offers.”

Every year college students, especially freshmen, face the distraction of greater freedom and the challenge of more course work. As students become increasingly time challenged, their organizational skills are susceptible to compromise.

Fortunately, the ability to organize your college course demands and manage your time can be quickly gained. In fact, you can use technology to actually do the organizing for you.

The software was developed by the makers of the popular FileMaker Pro database

Mar 21

Hcmi Hotel Management Degree Programs Is Key Of Success In Hospitality Sector

There are many colleges in India that offers a jobs oriented programs but some of one give this facilities, HCMI Hospitality management courses India always been true that students shall flock that offers job oriented courses. Institute Hotel management degree programs mission is to Excel in education by creating an environment that creates an ethic services. The institute aims is to develop professional competences through technical skills, research and development for the benefit of the students, faculty and other stake holders in the hospitality and tourism industry. The institute is well equipped with all the modern facilities. A variety of teaching and learning techniques are employed to impart knowledge and skills to the students in various departments of the college.

Students who take admissions in HCMI institutes can learn various aspects during the Hospitality management courses India as like the dietetics, hotel management, food and beverage servicing bartending, etc. These courses are offered under the degrees, diplomas and certificate programs by the HCMI where students learn then train themselves in the institutes itself or can do an intern program in some of the reputed hotels in the country.

HCMI master level
hotel management degree programs may include areas of entrepreneurship, marketing management, information system, operations management and investment. Courses provide skills and knowledge for upper-level positions in areas of the industry that individual students find most appropriate to their career interests. During the hotels management degree programs hospitality management positions many be found in large and small hotels, motels, and restaurants.

Today hotel industry has gained a considerable popularity as a career, earlier, most hotel managers were people who had learnt their skills on the job, and opportunities also were few. The tourism boom opened out many avenues, in hotels, resorts, time share organizations, tour operators, and guest houses.

Mar 21

How To Write A College Application Essay

One of the most vital parts of a college application is the personal statement that the student makes in their college application essay. While the transcript shows the scholastic abilities of the student, this essay enables the student to show the admission officer their true self. Proofreading this essay is a must since errors in spelling and grammar will likely get the essay tossed out. Because the officer will be reading through many essays that day, the student needs to make sure that theirs stands out.

When beginning the essay, the student should think about something in their personality or life experience that would make them stand out from the crowd. Maybe the student has overcome an adversity that they could explain their feelings about. It is a good idea to include what they have learned from the situation. So, while everyone else is writing about why that particular college is for them, this student will be showing the officer how their situation will make them an asset to the school.

It is important that the student relies on their own life experiences and not to try to ride on the coat tails of someone else. A person’s uniqueness does not have to impress anyone. However, if a person does have an impressive quality, they should not hesitate in offering up the information. The person reading the essay wants to hear a fascinating tale. For instance, if a student were biracial and they wrote their essay about their feelings of being asked about their race, they would likely hold the interest of their reader. How the story is shared is more substantial that the experience itself.

It is advisable to avoid telling of an experience that would be better told in person than on a piece of paper. For instance,

Mar 19

Varsity Tutors Reveals The Real Cost Of College In New Infographic

To empower parents and students during the college planning process, Varsity Tutors, a premier one-on-one academic tutoring and test prep provider, today released an infographic that highlights all the costs of pursuing higher education. Entitled, The Real Cost of College, the infographic breaks down the average estimated costs for enrollment, sources of financial aid and debt averages for full-time undergraduate students.

Student debt surpassed credit card debt in the United States for the first time in 2010. In 2012, the average college student left school owing $27,000 in student loans. These are just a few statistics that emphasize how important it is to understand all the expenses of college and identify potential funding opportunities while planning a students path to higher education.

Now more than ever, its crucial that parents and students are aware of the total cost of a degree, said Varsity Tutors founder and CEO Chuck Cohn. As the cost of tuition continues to rise, students need to be vigilant about planning ahead and finding the best options for funding their education, not only to attend college in the first place, but also to graduate with an amount of debt they can manage.

The infographic features key findings from the College Board Annual Survey of Colleges, including these telling statistics:

The total annual expense of attending an in-state public four-year institution tuition and fees, room and board, books and supplies, transportation and other expenses averages $22,261; while an out-of-state four-year public institution averages $35,312 and a private non-profit college or university averages $43,289 each year.
$237 billion in financial aid was given during the 2012-13 school year; the average student received $13,218 in financial aid.
67 percent of 2009 college graduates are in debt with student loans.

The infographic also highlights the different types of financial aid available to students, from grants

Mar 18

Big Sandy Community and Technical College

With its headquarters located in Prestonsburg in Kentucky , United States , Big Sandy Community and Technical College is one of sixteen 2-year open admission colleges under the Kentucky Community and Technical College System or KCTCS. Its primary service area includes Floyd, Johnson, Martin, Magoffin, and Pike Counties .

Campus Features

Created in the year 2003 in result of consolidation of two colleges namely, the Prestonsburg Community College and the Mayo Technical College, BSCTC has as many as four campus locations. These are Prestonsburg, Mayo in Paintsville, Pikeville, and the Hager Hill campuses. College management have plan to open Midway College School of Pharmacy in May Campus in Paintsville by 2011. BSCTC has many feeder schools. Johnson, Pike, Shelby Valley , Phelps, and Allen are the top five among them.

Brief History

In the year 2003 the college was established with the basic objective of preparing the students for transfer to the four year colleges in Kentucky or for immediate entrance. With student strength of over 4000 and imparting education in 40 programs at four campuses, it figures prominently in college directory of Kentucky State and United States .


Big Sandy Community and Technical College is accredited by Southern Association of Colleges and Schools or SACS.

Programs Offered

Over 40 different programs are offered by the technical college for its students. Most of the programs are affordable and also provides flexibility and options including the facilities of distance learning using online education . Students can earn any of over 75 credentials offered by the college basing on their requirements and budget. Its associate degrees work as the stepping stone for migrating to higher degrees in colleges and universities. In addition the college offers both full time and part time courses basing on the needs of the students. For further details one can log on to the Academics

Mar 15

New Horizon College of Engineering Admission in Bangalore

The quality of education has undergone tremendous changes over the past years due to the advancement of technology. A lot of engineering colleges offer various streams based on the industry specific needs with the aim to deliver holistic learning environment. Engineering as well as scientific studies took a significant entrance in this assortment with their multitudinous increase. New Horizon School of Engineering Bangalore is one of the top engineering colleges in the state of Karnataka that has picked up a flawless place in the dominion of instruction.

Despite the fact that Engineering course is dependent upon innovation and other specialized fronts, the colleges show the subjects to sharpen all scholastic and higher request intuition abilities of the students to carry on with a life of incredibleness in all its angles. New Horizon College of Engineering has a framework with the state of the workmanship environment and it works with a mean to mould understudies’ aptitudes towards mechanical improvement in an air of one of a kind information conveyance joined together with veneration for the inborn qualities of life. The college is best suited for those who are looking for engineering courses from our country and different nations through the Karnataka normal door

Numerous vocation advising focuses go to the assistance of learners who seek to pick the right college for their higher studies for tweaking their dreams, targets and feasible arrangements. These guiding focuses verify that the cream of the understudies get into the surface of commendable colleges to understand their dreams work out. New Horizon College of Engineering admission is promptly accessible for such people, once they clear the entrance test with noteworthy scores. It is the spot for setting up the people for their future objectives in a master dynamic taking nature’s domain. Separated from scholastics, games

Mar 15

How To Get An Online Graduate Degree At Home

Are you aware that Folks like you study and earn online graduate degrees from home? The Internet is one of the industrial progress of the 20th century that has changed the lives of people around the world. Don’t you have the need to take advantage of the Internet to advance your education?

It does not matter that you are a fresh student for initial tertiary education or you are already working but have the need to advance your qualification, you are no more obliged to study in a traditional classroom, where you are forced to attend lectures physically. The Internet and online degree programs have given you the option of studying at home and at your own time as many of the established brick and mortar schools have set up online portals where you can register for programs leading to an online degree .

If you have a computer and Internet connection your ability to study at any time and anywhere is unlimited; you can study at the beach, in your office, in your sitting room or even when on the road, the Internet is virtual and without limits.

In spite of the following, you still need an entry level qualification to be accepted in an accredited online school of note. Many of the online schools are not accredited and could enroll you without requiring standard entry level qualification, but ask yourself if such a school would impart standard knowledge in you and whether the online degree you obtain from such a school will be acceptable in the job market? Almost all courses you can think of can be studied online and an online degree obtained, but let it be from a recognized school of note.

Because of the nature of online education, you have to decide when to study and where to

Mar 14

Ways to Pay for College

Going to college is one way for a young person to secure their future. Although it costs extra money to get a college education, those who take the time and spend the effort are usually rewarded with a better paying career and many wonderful life-altering and enriching experiences along the way. Not only do students make new friends, they learn about the world on their educational journey.

The average college education costs vary greatly, depending on the size and prestige of the school. Tuition alone can range from $7,000 to 35,000 per year for a four-year university. Some community colleges and two-year institutions cost less. Paying for college is a unique experience to each student, and may vary from year to year, depending on the financial status of the student and parents. Most students use a variety of ways to pay for school that combine methods. Some need to be paid back upon graduation or if a student stops school; others do not. Here are 5 of the most common ways that students can pay for college.

1. Scholarship – For the cream of the crop in academics and/or athletics, scholarships are offered by colleges and universities. While they may provide a full ride, some only offer partial assistance. The rest of the college expenses must be made up through other sources.

2. Government A federal student loan is available to most students. They must be financially eligible and meet the other requirements before receiving money for college that must be paid back upon completion or suspension of schooling.

3. Parents From the time most couples have children, they start saving for their futures. They set aside money or pick up extra jobs. The fortunate children receive enough money to pay for their bachelors degree. Some parents even have enough

Mar 10

Online Nursing Degree Requirements

For working nurses and others who are looking to advance their career by earning a nursing degree online, there are specific online nursing degree requirements which must be met. The online nursing degree requirements depend on the level of degree you are choosing.

Generally, the requirements depend on the type of online degree program that you are taking for nursing. These types of nursing programs available online fall into four categories; associates degree, bachelors degree, masters degree, and doctoral degree (Ph.D.). For those who are opting for the associate degree in nursing, basic requirements that you have to fulfill include a writing course and a social science or other liberal arts course.

Bachelor degree in nursing or Bachelor of Science degree (BSN) is one of the most in-demand nursing degrees. As compared to the associate degree in nursing, the requirements for this specific online bachelor degree in nursing depend on whether the student is a licensed practical nurse (LPN) or a registered nurse (RN). For a licensed practical nurse, he or she must have two and a half years of additional nursing and liberal arts curriculum before he or she earns the BSN, with a list of course prerequisites as well as a minimum GPA. Registered nurses (RNs) on the other hand may earn a BSN with additional two-years of study with curriculum that includes liberal arts and advanced topics associated with nursing such as education, management and administration.

Candidates for online master degree in Nursing (MSN) have another set of requirements specific to the degree level. Most MSN programs often have a list of prerequisites which include coursework and GPA at the very minimum. Another important requirement for an applicant is that he or she must generally be required to hold a BSN degree and have works as

Mar 09

Inclusive Canadian College Caters To Individuals From All Walks Of Life

Did you know that it is possible to attend a community college that not only has a long-standing respected reputation but also caters to individuals from all walks of life? At Centennial College, there are 16,000 full-time students and 22,000 part-time learners who attend a variety of programs and come from different ethnic, work and educational backgrounds. In fact, Centennial College is recognized as one of the most culturally diverse post-secondary institutions in Ontario. Almost 100 ethno-cultural groups are represented and 80 languages are spoken on campus.

Founded in 1966, Centennial College is one of the oldest colleges in Toronto and is the first public college in the city. Focused on offering training that is job-focused and practical, it allows students to graduate with a variety of credentials such as Ontario College Diploma, Ontario College Advanced Diploma, Ontario College Certificate and Ontario College Graduate Certificate. Additionally, students of this Canadian college can earn degree credentials at university level through unique collaborations with respected universities in Ontario and around the world. In fact, Centennial was among the first community colleges in Ontario to receive approval for applied-degree programs in computer and communication networking, and software systems: design, development and management. Lastly, the bridging to university option sees five joint-degree programs in paramedicine, journalism, new media studies, environmental science and technology and applied microbiology (these are taught in conjunction with the University of Toronto Scarborough). Meanwhile, the Bachelor of Science Nursing program is delivered jointly with Ryerson University.

But just what types of programs are offered at this community college? First, it should be noted that Centennial has 100 full-time programs, 140 part-time programs as well as courses facilitated by way of through Distance Learning. These programs are divided among six categories: Business, Community and Health Studies, Technology and Applied Science, Hospitality Tourism and

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