Jul 24

Test Prep Improves Scores for College Admissions and Scholarships

Students will be taking the most important tests in their high school career sometime in the next few months. SAT and ACT scores are among the top three significant factors for college admissions at the majority of schools. When students do well on these tests, it can greatly improve their college opportunities and chances for scholarships.

It is much easier to improve a students test scores than it is to improve their GPA. These tests are coachable and when students learn the necessary strategies and gain some invaluable practice, they can increase their scores. Test prep works.

With this in mind, wouldnt it make sense for high school juniors to prepare for these tests before they take them for the first time? Too often students think that test prep is something that is not necessary. They feel they can do whatever test prep they need on their own. Most, however, do not take the time or have the discipline to do enough to make a difference.

Recent studies show that earlier critics now agree that test prep works and can make a difference in a students performance. Even the College Board and ACT, publishers of the two tests, provide test prep materials for students to purchase. Test prep has become a big business, but you can help your student prepare for these tests by finding affordable and effective courses or tutoring.

Many parents listen to college representatives who tell them that they look at each college applicant in a “holistic manner” and that test scores are not a big deal. However, research shows that more than 70% of colleges and universities consider SAT and ACT test scores a significant factor in college admissions. Too many students are rejected from colleges because of low test scores. Many lose out on merit scholarships because

Jul 23

Atlanta Metropolitan College

Atlanta Metropolitan College is an urban commuter school located in the southwest part of the city of Atlanta. The 2 year college is part of the University System of Georgia. The main campus is located at 1630 Metropolitan Parkway SW. A satellite campus is located at 34 Peachtree Street in downtown Atlanta.

The college is an attractive option for many students because it offers accessibility, affordability, flexibility, and transferability. The schools Atlanta location provides accessibility to thousands of students who live in the metro area. Transportation is convenient for students who need to use public transportation, as the campuses are served by MARTA buses or trains. Because the college is part of the university system, tuition prices are very affordable. Atlanta Metropolitan College offers its students schedule flexibility, with classes being offered during the day, in the evening, on weekends, and online. A degree may be earned without the student ever having to take a traditional daytime class. The colleges core curriculum allows ease in transferring to a 4 year college or university.

Two types of programs are offered at Atlanta Metropolitan College. The transfer program is designed for students who plan to transfer to a 4 year university after completing an associate degree. Students on this track would work towards an Associate of Arts or Associate of Science degree. The college offers more than 40 majors. The career program prepares students to enter the workforce. Students on this path could earn an Associate of Applied Science degree in a program such as human services, accounting, business management, or computer programming. They could also be enrolled in one of the colleges two certificate programs: criminal justice or automated office management.

Atlanta Metropolitan College has a diverse student body made up of traditional and non-traditional students. The current enrollment is over 3,000 students. Small

Jul 23

The Need For College Research Papers

The linear education approach has manifested in a form that takes a toddler from the pre-nursery stages to that of post graduation. However, the aptitude of the child and the availability of resources to educate, determine the extent possible. For those who make an honest attempt, there are a number of online and offline resources that dedicatedly make matter available on the specific requirements of the student community.

College students and even those in high school do much better when they are able to access past papers and research performances within the sphere of influence of the various subjects offered at the graduate and the post graduate levels. The college research papers are accessed by the various mediums, addressed subject wise and on the basis of the marks allotted to each paper, compiled and bound and printed in a comprehensive form.

The approach:

These volumes are marketed and further researched upon. College research papers are easily accessible at a number of virtual outlets and even online. The main aim behind the adopted design of the exercise is to add to the existent availability of material for earnest college students to pursue their education, resorting to the right channels and adhering to the topics and subject matter allotted.

The student community however, needs to be updated with the regular updates on the versions marketed and hence, the papers that are made available to college students are consistently included with the previous paper additions. The various resources that address the requirement of the student community to be able to access the past college papers also keep in mind every change in syllabus, course inclusions and the adopted marking schemes and presentation.

The updated college research papers make it easier for the students to remain in touch with the kind of questions generally asked

Jul 19

I’m Jobless Help – Get An Online Degree

In a bad economy there always is a need for jobs. But the fact of the matter is that most people dont have the necessary skills or certifications required to get a better job then they have now or just want to have. Luckily the average working or unemployed person has the option of online college.

Getting even an associates degree online can give you the certification you need to get a better job in a field of your choice even in a bad economy. Online colleges offer their students the ability to work on their degree from the comfort of their own home. This is a plus to anyone who has a family.

There are also many different options when pursuing an online degree. You can take a course program that offers you a 100% online class experience. Or you can do both online and on campus. The flexibility that is inherited in most online schools it built around almost every type of schedule.

Getting an online degree is also a lot easier than getting their degree on campus for some students. When taking an online class you are given the option to do most of the course work whenever you see fit. So if you only have the time to work on a test at 3am then are in luck. You are usually only required to be online at a specific time a few time during the duration of the course. This is usually for interactive video or voice learning sessions.

When it comes to financial aid and online classes, the process of getting it and applying for it is almost identical to getting it for an on campus school. In some ways its a lot easier to get it online for the fact that the whole process is usually

Jul 17

Opting For A Good Medical College.

There are some best quality of Medical Colleges in India, Which provides both undergraduate and post-graduate programs in medical profession. India is listed among those few countries in the world, which produces thousands of medical graduates every year. These graduates work not only in India but across the world in countries like UK and USA.

Various degrees can be achieved in this profession such as MBBS, MD, BDS, MS, MDS, etc. The basic course in medicine is the MBBS, which is of four and a half year long course including a residential internship for the students. It is followed by post-graduation courses like MS or MD whose duration is about three years. Super or sub specialties are also pursued for which only an MS or MD degree holder is eligible, this qualification is known as DM or M.Ch.

Most of the medical colleges were established in the 50s and 60s by the government. Though numerous private medical colleges have came into existence since 1980s. All these institutes work under the supervision of the Medical Council of India (MCI). This organization keeps on inspecting the Medical Institutes from time-to-time. The Council gives certification to medical colleges, grants registration to medical practitioners and monitors medical practice in India. There are presently 273 Indian Medical Schools having a capacity of 31298 students.

Some of the best Medical Colleges in India are All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), Delhi, Armed Forces Medical Colleges, (AFMC), Pune, Christian Medical College (CMC), Vellore, Jawaharlal Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education and Research (JIPMER), Pondicherry, Kasturba Medical College, Manipal, Lady Hardinge Medical College (LHMC), Delhi and Maulana Azad Medical College (MAMC), Delhi.

An entrance test is taken by these institutes at national level opening the doors of admission for students. Candidates who have cleared 10+2 or equivalent in science stream

Jul 17

Splash School & College Management System (erp)

Schools & Colleges, whether private or public, have similar ways of operation and functioning. The main challenge for any School/ College Management System is to maintain an exhaustive system that is easy to understand, work upon, and compile. The smooth functioning of an educational enterprise is dependent on the efficiency of the maintenance and recording process. Thanks to the advancement of technology, Schools and Colleges now have simplified Software solutions available that automate the process of management.

Nothing can beat the utility of exceptionally well designed Software that can integrate and combine all the functions and departments of an institution into one single platform. Every School/College has several departments, and the process of extracting real time reports from each department and division can be a herculean task. ERP Software provides a base for recording of transactions and data for quick and instant reports. Data and Information are generally stored on the main server, which can be accessed by authorized personals of the Institution. Some ERP software can create a Virtual Campus that is of immense advantage to the management. Undoubtedly, ERP software solution gives a boost to the power of School and College Management System in all respects and gives a strong base to show quality results.

Scientechs ERP SPLASH , is a Multi Campus Software environment that brings together Students, Teaching Staff, Accounts, Management and Parents onto a common platform and helps simplify day to day operations of education institutes 0r College management system. It has been developed with extensive research in education domain and follows processes based on education best practices. All the modules of SPLASH are fully integrated which automate the working of various departments and branches in the multi- campus environment. There are a number of ERP products available in the market but customization is not possible

Jul 14

What Kind Of Jobs You Can Expect From An Mba Degree

MBA (Masters of Business Administration) is a post graduate program which deals with business aspects and business communication. It is a widely accepted degree program which is a major step towards a successful business management career. The curriculum allows students to acquire all the necessary knowledge, both theoretical and practical, to make a better career in the business administration world.

Today, MBA jobs are considered as the hottest among the young business professionals. An MBA degree opens up a new world to the business professionals to get jobs in almost all sectors including marketing, finance, banking, legal, manufacturing, insurance, sales, information technology, and management consulting. It also assists you to improve your ability to become a successful business man and if necessary, to manage your own small business.

Without a business degree from a renowned business school, it is difficult to undertake a business career. Basis of business education are business and economic practices and theories. These comprise of courses in fields like business accounting and bookkeeping, business strategy, business intelligence, business law, business writing, business consulting, financial management, organizational behavior, business marketing, business planning, international business, micro and macro economics etc.

Business schools with MBA career placement services organize MBA job fairs and maintain active links with reputed business organizations. These allow the students to get a better understanding about these business jobs and help them to search for a good career. Executive recruitment services collect your details and help you to search for a job that you actually want. Another job search strategy is to surf the Internet sites advertising MBA vacancies. WorkTree is a complete job portal which holds up-to-date MBA vacancies as they become available.

Executive MBA candidates have mostly bachelor level degrees and experience of a number of years. Essential qualifications for an executive MBA

Jul 13

Medical Degree from MCI Approved Colleges in China – Affordable and on Par with the United States

Medical Council of India is noticing the present trend among medical students to pursue education in China for affordable costs and good amenities. They have taken the initiative to study the features of the medical colleges in China and approved 52 colleges where Indian students can go to study. MCI approved medical college in China will give the students medical education at par with the United States and UK standards. Top faculty teachers having post doctorate degrees in medical science handle the teaching procedure in these colleges. High class equipments and laboratories are used to conduct the teaching classes and every lesson is given in English. Many Indian teachers also teach at these Universities and thus, students from India will find no language problem or accent problem with English.

The admission procedure of 2014 batch has already started in MCI recognized medical colleges in China. Students from any part of the Indian subcontinent can achieve their dreams of becoming a doctor by studying at these foreign Universities. The admission process can start immediately even if you have not passed the 10+2 examinations and are preparing to sit for it. Many seats have been booked already and the students must take the initiative just now to get their passports ready and deposit 50 thousand rupees initially to start the processing. AC hostels with attached bathrooms will be present for the Indian students and they will not have to stay close to the Chinese students. Separate food and beverage system will be followed for these International students and you can remain assured of getting your home food there.re.

It is always wise to contact the consultancy handling the process of sending students to study in MCI approved medical college in China. You can talk things out with the representatives as these people

Jul 13

College Girls And Dating

Dating in college can be a daunting task for many men and women starting out their college careers. This is the first time away from the social circles of high school and meeting a new girl for a date is something most college men have never had to do before.

However, the most common misunderstanding college men have is that dating in college has few similarities to dating in high school or even outside of college. If you want to be the campus Casanova your going to have to know a few keys to meeting up with girls in college.

First off, many girls in college have never gone on a full fledged date with a totally new person. Most of there relationship experience will be coming from their time in high school where they had known the guys they date most of their lives or naturally met him through their social circle. Often, guys will make the mistake of asking the girl out to dinner or on a one on one personal date.

This approach puts a lot of pressure on a girl and unless she really likes you, she will often find a way to get out of it to avoid the awkwardness she fears. Even if she does come, the date will usually be very awkward because neither of you have much first date experience. However there is amuch better and easier way to meet up with girls that you’ve met. Simply by making your first hang out EXTREMELY casual will solve this problem.

Example of casual dates would be meeting up at a coffee shop, studying, or simply hanging out with each others social groups. This take all the BIG date pressure off the girl so she can relax and will also help you chill as well.


Jul 12

Ways To Frugally Save Money For College Tuition

Saving money for college is getting more and more difficult as the prices of college tuition get higher and higher. While some students are given a free ride with an academic or athletic scholarship, others rely on their parents or grandparents to pay for college. For the rest, it is becoming a common occurrence for students to live at home with their parents for the first year while living frugally and trying to save up for the following semesters. While these students may save a lot of money, it is still possible to get private alternative loans to help cover the expense. Here are 10 ways to frugally save money for school and help to pay for room and board, books and tuition.

1. Save change in a bucket at the end of each day. Never take it out to spend. Roll the coins periodically with free wrappers from the bank. Do not use a coin conversion machine. It removes a small percentage. Every coin counts.

2. Enroll in a 529 tax deferment plan. The student may be able to shop at certain stores and use their coupons to save money. A percentage of the money will go into a college savings account.

3. Pick up a part-time job. Any earnings will be directly deposited into a special bank account used only for school. If the student already has one, this could be a second income set aside only for higher learning.

4. Spend less money on fun activities. Rather than going out bowling or to a movie, go to a free concert at the local park or go for a bike ride. Rather than going out with friends, invite them over instead.

5. Use coupons. Clip or download coupons on food, auto repair and restaurants. Do not spend more money to save more, simply

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